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  • Askold Island

    Beautiful sea, wild island, main guns and lighthouse!

    Askold  Island
    1 day
  • City tour by 3 types of public transport - best way to save money

    The easiest and cheapest way to join a motley crowd of residents of Vladivostok is to ride with them in public transport. With a guide, you will storm trams, buses and suburban trains, visiting the city from all sides.

    City tour by 3 types of public transport - best way to save money
    4 hours
  • Magadan - Yakutia

    Have you ever leatn about Magadan? When you mention this city in Russia, everybody will remember Stalin and Gulag. 

    DALINTOURIST invites you to travel with us along the Road of bones, you will see a real Gulag camp, an abandoned city of Soviet times and the beauty of Northern nature. 

    Magadan - Yakutia
    11 days
  • Sikhote-Alin State Nature Biosphere Reserve

    The Sikhote-Alin state natural biosphere reserve is the largest in Primorye. Today the main object of protection is the Amur tiger. Nowadays, when there are fewer and fewer corners of untouched nature on the planet, it is very important that each geographic area had a preservation zone - a reference template of primeval landscape, the comparison to which makes it possible to gauge the consequences of human anthropogenic activity. 

    Tourists visiting the reserve would be able to learn everything, or almost everything, about the life and habits of wild animals first-hand from scientists working in taiga.

    We are waiting for you in the "land of the tiger"!

    Sikhote-Alin State Nature Biosphere Reserve
    3 days
  • The country lodge "Derevenskoye Podvorye" (Arkhipovka village, Chuguevsky district)

    We invite you to spend several days deep in the wilderness face to face with nature. A five-hour drive from Vladivostok brings you to the heart of the Southern Sikhote-Alin where Arkhipovka Village and its Country Lodge are located near the upstream of the Ussuri River.

    The country lodge "Derevenskoye Podvorye" (Arkhipovka village, Chuguevsky district)
    Upon request
  • The Far Eastern Marine Reserve. Orlinka Bay

    The Far Eastern Marine Reserve is the only one in Russia. It is located in the south of the Far East and over 98% of its area consists of the water area of the Peter the Great Bay of the Sea of Japan.

    We are invite you to explore The Far Eastern Marine Reserve wih DALINTOURIST company!

    The Far Eastern Marine Reserve. Orlinka Bay
    1 day

Why travel with Dalintourist

DALINTOURIST was establishing in 1992 year. It is a large-scale tour operator. Unrivalled level of service to all the guests is the main goal for DALINTOURIST.

The advantages as years of experience, high level of service and qualified guides and interpreters, a large hotel infrastructure and a variety of routes guarantee our guests the best visiting Russian Federation.

DALINTOURIST invites you to explore Vladivostok with dramatic past and great future.

Vladivostok is among the ten most prospective cities of the world, as determined by the special UNESCO Commission.

Of all the European-style cities it is the closest to the Asian Pacific region.

Everything in Vladivostok bears connection with the sea: the city’s history, landscapes and industry. Even the end of the 9 288 km Trans-Siberian Railway, which ends where the ocean begins.

Enjoy the view from a boat or from the top of one of the hills on which the city lies, walk the streets with ocean winds blowing through them, check out the historic sights, and capture the refreshing spirit of the natural surroundings.


We are ready to combine any itinerary for you –


Explore Primorye with DALINTOURIST Travel Agency!

You’re tired of civilization… you love adventure

You’ve hiked, rafted, climbed almost everywhere in the world…

Seen almost all there is to see…




there is one place you have never been –

PRIMORYE – an untamed mix of forest, mountain and sea.

Closed to outside in Soviet times, this world is now accessible TO YOU in all its beauty and mystery.

Also PRIMORYE is the unique place where the Russia, Chinese and North Korea borders converge. And the eastern edge of Russian’s taiga, a vast wilderness featuring:

  • The reclusive Siberian Tiger, the Far Eastern Leopard and other unique species
  • The legendary Ginseng Root, treasured in the Orient as “the root of life”
  • A myriad of tumbling waterfalls, rapid rivers and forests teeming with wildlife 


Our ecological tours to Primorye Nature Reserves let you discover all these wonders… Learn more about us…