The country lodge "Derevenskoye Podvorye" (Arkhipovka village, Chuguevsky district)

The country lodge "Derevenskoye Podvorye" (Arkhipovka village, Chuguevsky district)
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We invite you to spend several days deep in the wilderness face to face with nature. A five-hour drive from Vladivostok brings you to the heart of the Southern Sikhote-Alin where Arkhipovka Village and its Country Lodge are located near the upstream of the Ussuri River.

Route program


 Arkhipovka Country Lodge awaits those who want to explore the taiga and taste Russian village lifestyle and the pleasures of ecological, rustic or specialty tourism. This is a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in the nature and culture of Russia's pioneers and Old Believers, who settled here at the end of 19th Century. You will learn the ways of these courageous people who crossed the remote forests of Siberia towards the rising sun taking along their traditions, their family life, even their gardening skills. A hands-on experience you will never find in any museum. You will have the chance to hear family stories, tour the village at your leisure, dress up in traditional costumes, milk a cow and try fresh milk, spin a 200-year-old Russian spinning wheel, and try the local herbal tea and honey at the beekeeper's. Those who wish can also visit a cemetery of the Old Believers, who broke from the Russian Orthodox Church to pursue their own ideas in the face of great hardship. Traditional Russian cuisine, relaxing in a Russian steam bath, listening to old folk songs - all this will give you a special taste of Russian village life. Ecological trails, fishing with traditional fireside dishes, one-day rafting, a hike to the county's famous mountains and waterfalls, and horse-back riding will make your tour unforgettable.

We are no doubt that you will get unforgettable impressions and a huge charge of energy, - nature, and the villagers will provide it to you ... We have personally experienced this!


The recreation center is a separate house, built of timber, which stands in the middle of the village. The house has 4 rooms - two double rooms, a 3-bed and a 4-bed room – totally 11 people may be accommodated there. A separate kitchen with all necessary equipment and a dining room, decorated in a rustic style. Amenities (washbasin, toilet) are in the house - 2 toilets and 1 washbasin in the common washroom. The house is heated by a closed autonomous system – there are radiators in rooms, there is a boulevard in the dining room - a Canadian stove, heated by firewood. Tourists do not participate in the maintenance of the house.

In the summer, you can be accommodated in the attic (2nd floor) of the house. There are two 4-bed rooms, from the common corridor there is an exit to the balcony. Another attic is located above the garage, the walls are decorated with wood, designed for 6 people. People living in the attic, use the services of a toilet and a wash basin and a summer-type shower (on the street). Between June and September 14 people may be accommodated in the attic. There is a Russian banya, heated with firewood in the courtyard. It is designed for 2-4 people. There locates a steam room, a locker room and a relaxation room. Tourists are provided with oak switches, sheets, basins and slates. Russian banya, steam-room, maximum temperature in the steam room - 90 degrees.

In the " Derevenskoye Podvorye " there is a brick garage where you can put 1 car, the rest of the cars are parked in the yard.

The territory of the recreation center is landscaped, fenced, flowerbeds are made, grass and trees are grown. There is a sandbox and a small children's playground. There is a rental of sports equipment (skis, sledges, inflatable mattresses, bowlers, fishing rods, balls). The house has a small library and a TV with built-in video system, video rental, a small tape recorder.

There are single beds, bedside tables, coffee table, lamps in the rooms. You will be provided with bed linen.

A common table, designed for 15 people, chairs with high backs are there in the dining room. The dining room is also a living room, traditionally tourists spend their evenings here. There is a place for dancing, you can organize a banquet and games. In the interior design, rustic motifs and household items of past years (comodes, chests, lids, bast shoes, gramophone, etc.) were used. The dining room is decorated in the form of a Russian hut: chopped walls, decorated with embroidered paintings, unpainted floors.

At the recreation center "Derevenskoye Podvorye" there is organized 3 meals a day. Our chefs are ready to serve the holidays, prepare traditional Russian dishes, using mostly the gifts of the taiga and village farmstead. Bake home bread, they buy milk, sour cream, eggs, homemade cheese and butter from Arkhipovka, vegetables from the garden, dry herbs for green teas, salted mushrooms and cucumbers with tomatoes. We have all appropriate kitchen ware if you are going to prepare food yourself (a gas stove with an oven, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a kettle, the necessary set of dishes, you wash yourself) - 100 rubles. Per day per person.

The price for services at «Derevenskoye Podvorye»: 

Accommodation and meals:

- Accommodation in the house - 950 rubles. per person per night, 

- meal 3-times per day – 900 rubles. per person, children under 10 years is 600 rub. (breakfast - 240\150 rub., lunch – 370\270 rub., dinner – 290\180 rub.) 

- banya (sauna) – 2000 rub. first 2 hours, every next hour is 1000 rub. If you stay on the "Derevenskoye Podvorye" for more than 3 days - once banya is for free.

- We have all appropriate kitchen ware if you are going to prepare food yourself (a gas stove with an oven, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a kettle, the necessary set of dishes, you wash yourself) - 100 rubles. Per day per person 

Accommodation of pets (cat or dog) – 100 rub. per day

From June 1 to October 1: staying in the house is 700 rubles., staying in the attic is 600 rubles.


An example of general menu at «Derevenskoye Podvorye»:

  • Breakfast – cottage cheese pankakes with sour cream, cow milk, butter, semi-smoked sausage, homemade bread, tea, coffee, sugar.
  • Lunch - village borsch, rice with fish, peasant salad, bread, compote
  • Dinner - mashed potatoes with pork, meat salad, pickles (cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes), herbal tea, bread.
  • Special (banquet) dishes of Russian cuisine, prepared by the request - vinaigrette, cold meat, homemade lard, stuffed fish (river fish: sazan (carp), pike) or red marinade, rabbits in sour cream, salted or pickled mushrooms, homemade sausage, home-brew, mead and Other.

We have all appropriate kitchen ware if you are going to prepare food yourself (a gas stove with an oven, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a kettle, the necessary set of dishes, you wash yourself) - 100 rubles. Per day per person.


Excursions at the recreation center "Derevenskoye Podvorye" (Detailed programs):

- "My little village"

- Excursion "Visiting the"Anastasiytsy"

- The Mountain Porshivaya. Mounting to the Parshivaya Mountain (200 m) and dedication as "porshyvtsy"

- River Pererechka

- «Village meeting party» - the concert of local singers (guitar or flute. Songs of their own composition)      

- Massage after sauna: with honey, classic, vacuumed (canned), pain, healing

- Riding a horse ( horseback or at Sledge)

- Fishing

- Pagan holidays in the farmstead "Derevenskoye Podvorye" - Pancake week, "IVAN KUPALA"

- Sport and ecological routes with a visit to the national park "Zov Tigra"

In summer, active sports routes are organized at the recreation center: on May-June - rafting along the Ussuri River, on June-September - climbing the highest mountain of Primorye - Oblachnaya (1855 m), Sestra and Snezhnaya Mountains. An active 3-day route is possible, through the Sikhote-Alin mountain range to the Milogradovka River, with a visit to the Devil's Bridge waterfall.