Walking city tour + Memorial Submarine S-56

Walking city tour  + Memorial Submarine S-56
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Tour date: Daily


Walking city tour of Vladivostok covers all the main attractions of the central part of the city: Vladivostok Railway Station – end of the Trans-Siberian railway, S-56 submarine located on the promenade, where the city was founded. Moreover, you will pass many historic, cultural and architectural landmarks on your way that make up the charm of Vladivostok.

Route program

Vladivostok is a special city. Its appearance in the 19th century on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, like seaside air with salt, is impregnated with adventurism. It was founded four months earlier than the shore in Khashinwei Bay became Russian. July 2, 1860 the team of ensign Komarov set a post here, and only on November 2 Count Nikolai Ignatiev signed the Beijing Treaty, according to which the Russian Empire became the sovereign master of these lands. The very history of signing this treaty is a plot for an adventurous novel. We do not have a street named after Count Ignatiev. But there were streets Beijing, Chinese street, Suifunskaya ... Svetlanskaya, Aleutskaya, Katernaya, Admiral Zavoyko, Kornilov, Arsenyev, Dezhnev. Are there many cities where street names are so closely connected with ships, naval commanders and pioneers? These are traces of the history of the Russian people's exploration of the Asia-Pacific region.

The city-port and the city-fort. The city of sailors, fishermen and ... of course, adventurers. "Far Eastern Nice" - the so-called Vladivostok in the early 20th century. "The second San Francisco" - the so-called in the second half. A city on seven winds, a city woven of contradictions. City-fortress and at the same time "porto-franco" - a free city at the junction of civilizations: Japan - in the east, China - in the west, in the south - Korea. Russian city, built by the Germans, Danes, Englishmen. European city in Asia. We, Vladivostok, believe that the sun in Russia goes back to us, from the Sea of ​​Japan.
There is a saying "All roads lead to Rome" - in Vladivostok all the roads go down to the sea, which, as it is sung in one popular song, "washes it from all four sides."


Look at the main attractions of Vladivostok, find out what he lives and breathes, you can on a sightseeing tour. The  DALINTOURIST company will offer you to admire the city from the sites, to go along the Golden and Russian bridges, walk along the central streets. Vladivostok, despite its youth, has a unique and fascinating history. Preserved prerevolutionary architecture of the central streets, familiar to residents of Vladivostok and surprising for its guests, hides a lot of secrets in the hidden courtyards and old walls.



This price includes: foreign language speaking guide, entrance tickets.